Westport’s River Day: It’s about the river and so much more

Westport’s River Day: It’s about the river and so much more


To the editor:

River Day, Saturday, June 28, is not just for Bread and Cheese Brook, the Copicut River, Snell Creek, Adamsville Pond, the Let, the Harbor, the East Branch, nor the West Branch. Nor is it just for the North End, South Westport, the Head, or any other particular neighborhood.

River Day offers an opportunity for you and me and our families to celebrate and support water quality for the entire watershed, including the remote estuaries and tributaries, and including also your well water and mine.

There will be fun for everyone including river paddle, live raptor show, great music, tug-o-war, poster competition, fish t-shirt-painting, face-painting, small boat racing, and lots of food and special exhibits. It’s all centered at the Head of Westport at the Head Garage, located in Westport’s geographic center, soon to be renovated as the Westport River Watershed Alliance headquarters, right on the river where it should be!  All of this is supported by the generosity of many individual and corporate donors familiar to you.

See the schedule and get all the details on the website: westportwatershed.org

Thomas Jansen


Mr. Jansen is a member of the Westport River Watershed Alliance