Westport Village? The name changers are at it again

Westport Village? The name changers are at it again


To the editor
I have lived in Westport for 87 years.  I often get disturbed by the way people treat things left to us by our ancestors.  Names are the items that irritate me most.

One example is the brook that runs through our property.  For over 200 years it was known as Davis Brook.  When signs were placed at brooks, ours became Pierce Brook.  Our neighbor was so angry he wanted to destroy the sign.  I convinced him not to do it.  I imagine someone on the sign committee wanted to honor their relative.

And then there is the great popular sledding hill where I spent many hours as a young boy.  Beginning about 1900 it was  known as Smith’s Hill, named for the Smith family who owned it.  Now reports in newspapers call it potato hill.  There never was one potato grown on that hill.  It is so steep that a rain would have washed the potatos down into the valley.  But to ignore the Smith family who were so prominent in Westport I consider a crime.
And now today, 11/26/12, I read in the Standard Times about Westport Village.  That also has been known for hundreds of years as Central Village.
I think the people or person who changed these traditional names should tell us why.  I have been and always will be proud of our Westport but sometimes I have to complain about changes some people want to make in our town.  This is just an old timer’s opinion.

“Cukie” Macomber