Warren’s rescue crews are lifesavers

Warren’s rescue crews are lifesavers


To the editor:

This letter is to the people of Warren.  On September 15, I faced a tragedy that I would not wish on my worst enemy.  My husband, whom many of you know and love, Tom Gordon, was stricken in our driveway and was unresponsive.  As I administered CPR and was screaming for help, Zach Fenster, the young man from across the street, raced over and asked what he could do.  I asked him to take care of our young daughter who was quite near hysterics and he did as I asked allowing me to focus on Tom.  Zach, we thank you with all our hearts for taking such good care of one of our most precious gifts.  The debt to you can never be paid in full.

As the event unfolded an unknown woman knelt by my side and helped me to tend to my husband.  I do not know who this angel is but words are not enough to thank a stranger who would help another.  Thank you so much and may God bless you.

The next person on the scene, as far as my narrow recollection is, was Jim Sousa, a friend.  Jim has a gentle way about him and I was eased by his calm demeanor as he took over the task of tending to Tom.  I was able to relinquish responsibility to him knowing that Tom was in very good hands.  Thank you, Jim; again, the debt can never be paid in full.

The heavy hitters came next, Billy Estrella, Fire Chief Al Galinelli, and Erica Sloan.  Billy is an emergency room nurse by profession. He took care of my husband in the rescue.  His professionalism was outstanding as was his care.  In his presence I was able to stay calm and focused. He put me at ease.  Thank you, Billy; again, the debt can never be paid in full.  Erica Sloan drove the rescue and meticulously took the information that was needed to be recorded. I do not know Erica personally but she did her job impeccably and drove us to the hospital in good time.  Thank you Erica; again, the debt can never be paid in full.

Last, but not least, Chief Galinelli,  Al is a personal friend of ours.  Words can not describe the man we call Chief.  Al is one of the most dedicated, respected people in our world.  He took over the situation himself, not allowing another EMT to handle it.  He stayed at the hospital until we were sure that Tom would make it.  He returned and came to Tom’s room just to confirm for himself that Tom would be okay.  We love you Al and thank you with all of our hearts, (when I say all, I mean the entire extended family) and again, the debt can never be repaid.

The others that came to the rescue: Police Sergeant David Annunziata and Patrolman Joel Morrissette. Thank you for your professionalism and care.  The other EMT’s, who rushed to our aid, you are no less respected or thanked.  The dispatcher on duty, thank you for getting the rescue out and to our address.  Anyone I am forgetting, you know who you are and we thank you also.

To the good people of Warren; the people that responded this day are volunteers.  It takes a very special soul to volunteer their time to save and care for others.  The people that serve this town in any capacity:  Firemen & Rescue, Policemen & Dispatchers,  Town Yard & Town Hall personnel, and all other town employees are in a league of their own.  They make our lives easier and safer, they have dedicated their lives to Warren and the residents that live here.  We all should be proud to live in Warren.

Again, I personally thank all that were involved and responded to our call for help,  may God smile on you.

Rebecca Gordon

175 Touisset Road

Tom Gordon is the Warren Town Manager.