Warren sewer work project going well

Warren sewer work project going well


To the editor:
Since early December the C. Brito Construction Co. has been replacing the leaking main sewer line from the Bridge Street junction to the water treatment plant on Water Street. Replacement of this sewer line is important to the health of the local waterways and shoreline and has been long overdue. During this time we have witnessed a very professional, experienced, courteous and hard-working crew. This is a complex and difficult task due to the uncertainties of working on the aging existing sewer lines that are 40-plus years old. Note that many of the houses have older service that is not well documented. Also, they have had to work around the existing gas and water lines without disturbing them. Unlike many state utility tasks, completion of the work is on schedule. The end result of this work will be a brand new 30-inch main sewer line, several houses having the old clay sewer pipe replaced with PVC, a cleanout and a check valve and new roads and sidewalks (also overdue) this spring.
Some inconveniences have been experienced such as limited road access, noise and temporary water shutoffs. A temporary bypass line was required due to the high volume of flow that comes through this area. This required several high capacity (noisy) pumps to run for over week and block traffic through Bridge Street while the new junction was being built. We have found that the C. Brito crew on duty has answered every question and has made it a point to inconvenience us as little as possible.
We would also like to note that watching the work take place has been interesting and has been educational for our two young boys. We just wanted to say thank you to the C. Brito construction crew for their courtesy and hard work to make this project a success.
Louise, Eric and Debbie Salamon

555-560 Water St.