Letter: Waddington principal thanks those who attended Pasta Dinner in East Providence

Letter: Waddington principal thanks those who attended Pasta Dinner in East Providence


To the editor,

I too would like to thank everyone that is mentioned in Mrs. Beauchaine’s well written expression of gratitude.

The success of the (Waddington Elementary School PTA) Pasta Dinner is testament to fact that Townie Pride is real and can be seen when the residents of East Providence gather together with a common purpose and work for the greater good.   You all exhibited genuine hospitality and created an atmosphere of fun and excitement for everyone that came.  I am so impressed by how many individuals from throughout district helped AM Waddington School get the technology we need to enhance the learning of our students and give them a taste of what a twenty first century education is like.

The only person not mentioned here that deserves the utmost recognition and praise is Jessica.  Once again, her enthusiasm and organizational skills brought forth amazing results!  It is people like her that prove to us all that one person truly can make a difference, even when the work is insurmountable and the goal seems impossible to achieve.
The entire school community showed our students that they are loved and cared for by the people around them and there is no greater gift that you could ever give them.  You taught them that if they have the faith to believe and the courage to step forward to do the work, as you all repeatedly have, they too can improve the world in which they live.  Even more significant than the financial contributions raised is this important message.
For me, the evening was a reminder of how blessed I am to be your principal and a part of the Riverside community.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving so generously to our school.

Patricia Barlow

Waddington principal