Vote Independent, for Warren’s sake

Vote Independent, for Warren’s sake


To the editor:

At the recent Town Council candidates forum, candidates were asked if they believed there were two Warrens- the downtown/waterfront vs. the rest of Warren. Though all dismissed the idea as “myth” to be inclusive, it is undeniable that Warren is changing. And as perception is often reality- maybe there are indeed two Warrens, divided not by geography but by their views on how Warren should govern its future.

People who chose to move and invest here know what born-and-bred Warrenites know- Warren is a special town, and the attributes that draw people here give the town an advantage in a shaky economy. Creating a truly business-friendly environment based on a framework of progressive principles of development, combined with a view of who we are and a vision of where we want to go, will assure current and potential investors that we have our act together.  This framework, presenting a stable and inviting atmosphere for our mutual growth, will be developed in the town’s new Comprehensive Plan, and will be led by the next Town Council.

Warren needs leadership that is open-minded and willing to listen to various points of view, open to new ideas for the long term rather than making decisions by putting out fires. As witnessed by the overwhelming support for Hope & Main, we are open to new ideas; shouldn’t we take inspiration from that, and carve a mutually agreeable path for all of Warren?

When you vote next week, consider which candidates are most likely to put aside their prejudices and work towards bringing the whole town together. The independent candidates have worked to improve the business climate and quality of life throughout Warren.  This election, reject the narrow views of party politics and vote Independent.

Karen Dionne

45 Washington St.