Tour leader’s toll cancellation a bit premature

Tour leader’s toll cancellation a bit premature


To the editor :

I hope i wasn’t the only one to get a serious chuckle from the letter submitted by Tom Letourneau of Cumberland (May 23 edition) relative to his disappointment in having to cancel a portion of a classic car tour scheduled to cross the new Sakonnet River bridge on June 1. He related concerns on the part of several of the participants as to the need for paying tolls to cross the bridge.

Now I know that most folks who live in the East Bay are opposed to any toll on the bridge (myself included), But don’t you think Mr. Letourneau would have done his due diligence to determine the best estimate of when the tolls might take effect before cancelling his portion of the event?

The latest information i have is that the collection equipment should be installed by last weekend

but would then require approximately six weeks to wire and test before tolls would begin to be collected. That would bring us to early/middle July!

A simple phone call to the state should have confirmed the schedule. I hope Mr. Letourneau apologized to the tour participants for his lack of preparation. Opposition to the tolls is one thing —cancelling events before the tolls even take effect is just silly.

Bob Goff