Toll would be true burden to seniors like me

To the editor:
I am the widow of a 100 percent disabled veteran on a fixed income.
I have the privileges of using the Commissary and Naval Health Care Clinic and I volunteer at the Newport County VNA in Portsmouth.  Tolling this bridge will cost me $1,152 a year.
Tolling this “causeway” will add a financial burden to use these privileges.  Our veterans and my husband served their country but we should also remember the widows who are left behind.  I would have to end my volunteer efforts to help the community.
Mr. Lewis and those in the State House – “Look into our eyes and remember us!
No tolls please!
Barbara E. Passmore
Little Compton


  1. Joe Sousa said:

    Where is our Congressional delegation ? They were against it when they wanted our vote . Now they cant be found. We need them to attend the FHA. hearing and speak in opposition. Email or write them. Don’t take no for an answer.

  2. lat41lon71 said:

    Everybody gets hurt as these tolls will tank the state’s economy. Indeed, we have a district 1 US congressman, Mr. Ciciline who has disappeared since his campaign. Tiverton, Portsmouth? That my district?