Toll would be true burden to seniors like me

Toll would be true burden to seniors like me

To the editor:
I am the widow of a 100 percent disabled veteran on a fixed income.
I have the privileges of using the Commissary and Naval Health Care Clinic and I volunteer at the Newport County VNA in Portsmouth.  Tolling this bridge will cost me $1,152 a year.
Tolling this “causeway” will add a financial burden to use these privileges.  Our veterans and my husband served their country but we should also remember the widows who are left behind.  I would have to end my volunteer efforts to help the community.
Mr. Lewis and those in the State House – “Look into our eyes and remember us!
No tolls please!
Barbara E. Passmore
Little Compton


  1. Where is our Congressional delegation ? They were against it when they wanted our vote . Now they cant be found. We need them to attend the FHA. hearing and speak in opposition. Email or write them. Don’t take no for an answer.

  2. Everybody gets hurt as these tolls will tank the state’s economy. Indeed, we have a district 1 US congressman, Mr. Ciciline who has disappeared since his campaign. Tiverton, Portsmouth? That my district?