Toll system offers no clue that payment made

Toll system offers no clue that payment made


To the editor:

We are accustomed to paying tolls on the New York State Thruway and on the Mass. Pike.  When you pass through an EZ Pass lane in either state, an electric sign lights up to thank you for paying the toll.

On Wednesday (8-21), we drove over the new Sakonnet River Bridge with our Rhode Island EZ Pass tag.  Did we pay the $0.10 toll?  Much to our surprise, the bridge has no electric signs (or any other means) to inform the driver that he has paid the toll. Or to warn him that he has not paid it.

The lack of a means to keep the driver informed is a major failing in the design and operation of the bridge.  It ignores standard practice in collecting tolls from vehicles.

If (regrettably) there must be a toll, the RITBA should at least install some means of informing us of it when we cross the Bridge.

Paul D. Van Ness

Little Compton


  1. Thank Chaffee for another blunder, this is just another example of how unprepared the state (ribta) was to get this toll up and running. As a truck driver I needed a receipt to show I paid a toll, what do you do now? Wait, better times are coming, how about when a plate is not read correctly and the toll is charged to another plate. I can already see the DMV/RIBTA making excuses their not responsible. Thank you Governor and our state legislators for making a real mess of this issue.