Toll saga grows more bizarre by the day

To the editor:

The plan for a temporary 10 cent toll on the Sakonnet Bridge takes the controversial toll issue to a new level of drollery.  This latest wrinkle in the flawed process should encourage state officials to drop the misplaced Sakonnet toll idea entirely.  It has become an embarrassing comedy of errors brought on by the initial impulsive and mistaken notion that the replacement bridge was an easy target to pluck for revenue.

After hearing overwhelming opposition from the East Bay public and businesses, as well as public officials, it should be apparent that any toll at this heretofore open gateway will have severe harmful consequences that will tear asunder the socio-economic fabric that binds the area to the state as well as beneficial interstate commerce.  The net result would be negative economic consequences harmful to state revenue.

Dropping the project now might help restore some much needed confidence in state government.

John J. DaPonte