Toll letter ridicule missed the point entirely

Toll letter ridicule missed the point entirely


To the editor:

A friend just contacted me about a letter to the editor in this newspaper – “Tour leader’s toll cancellation a bit premature” that ridiculed me for scratching a portion of a Classic Car Tour that was held on June 1. The letter written by a Portsmouth resident named Bob Goff.

Obviously Mr. Goff, who says he is opposed to the tolls that are to be imposed for crossing the Sakonet Bridge, missed entirely the point I was trying to make when I wrote that I was canceling a portion of my Classic Car Tour that had been scheduled to also include a visit to Tiverton and Little Compton — requiring a crossing of the Sakonnet River Bridge.

Mr. Goff stated,  “But don’t you think Mr. Letourneau would have done his due diligence to determine the best estimate of when the tolls might take effect before canceling his portion of the event?”

Mr. Goff, for your edification, putting on an event such as this took over one year of planning, and while my letter appeared in an East Bay publication about a week or two before the event, the decision to skip including Tiverton and Little Compton was made months ago when everything, and final details on the tolls (which I understand are still not final), was still being debated.

As to the timing of my letter,  Mr. Goff, it was sent at a time when I thought it might be of help to you and the citizens of the area in the fight against this ludicrous toll and the rude, arrogant and obnoxious treatment that all of you are encountering.

So my decision to write the letter (again decision made months ago) and to send in my letter when I did, was done to try to bring about an awareness of the many, many things that could happen that could prove to be detrimental, especially to the merchants of the area.

In closing, Mr. Goff, thank you for the slap in the face for my efforts to try help you and your fellow neighbors, friends and family.

Maybe next time you will think before you write such an unnecessary and insulting letter to someone who was only trying to help!

As to the tour, it was a smashing success.  Further, everyone wants me to do another and this time include Tiverton and Little Compton — so I will.

We’ll start it at a mutually agreed point off Route 24 in Fall River, so that we can, again, completely avoid the Sakonnet Bridge and its tolls, ending it probably at the Sakonnet Vineyards for lunch and also to taste the latest vintage.

Tom Letourneau