Toll booth move creates new set of problems

To the editor:
Obviously it is unfair for the tolls on the new Sakonnet River bridge to become a major source of income for the repair and maintenance of the remaining roads and bridges of Rhode Island.
Local residents and commuters would avoid the tolls with the proposal to move the toll booth north of the bridge. It would have to be placed north of exit 5 and south of the Rt. 77 north bound ramp connection to Rt. 24. In this way traffic going  to Aquidneck Island would enter Rt. 24 after the toll booth and traffic going the other way would exit before the tool booth.
At first look this seems a perfect solution. Unfortunately it has a problem. Sooner or later, drivers are going to learn that when going south they can leave Rt. 24 at exit 6. cross Rt. 77 and get back on Rt.24. When going north they can leave Rt. 24 at exit 5, cross Rt. 77 and get back on Rt. 24. In both actions they world avoid the toll booth and cause a lot of unnecessary congestion of Rt. 77.
Perhaps the best solution is for tolls on the new bridge to be lowered and sufficient to maintain only the Sakonnet River Bridge.
Walter Cluett
Little Compton


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