Toll alert: wake up Little Comptonites

Toll alert: wake up Little Comptonites


To the editor:

Whether or not you travel the Sakonnet River Bridge, you should think twice and worry about a toll being placed on it next year.

Think about it. Little Compton sends four or more buses to Portsmouth High School daily, five days a week, 180 days a year, not counting late buses and special other runs.  Do you realize what this will do the our school budget over the course of a year?  Multiply each trip times the proposed toll of $4.00 each way and you will come up with an amount into thousands.

Remember, too, the merchanise that is transported to and from the island will be not be absorbed by the manufacturer but by the consumer.

I urge every taxpayer to write to the governor and members of the legislature about the toll, which is merely another “tax” on the East Bay and adjoining communities, and urge them to repeal this unfair toll in the next session of the legislature.

Carolyn J. Montgomery

Little Compton