Toll alert: Bills to block bridge tolls to be aired

To the editor:
To all persons against the proposed toll on the Sakonnet River Bridge and the 37,000-plus people who signed the anti-toll petition, please pass this information along.  We need your help to get the widest dissemination.
Senator Walter Felag submitted Senate bill number 20 to repeal Article 20 of last year’s budget which authorized the transfer of the Sakonnet River Bridge to the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority.  Here is a link to a pdf file of the Senate bill.
Representative Jay Edwards submitted House Bill 5137 which is almost identical to the Senate bill.  Here is a link the House bill.
Both bills will be sent to the respective finance committees.  Based on a number of factors, we believe that hearings will be held in both committees. We do not have hearing dates yet.
However, because of the nature of the system, it is possible we may have only 48 hours notice prior to the hearings.  The hearings will be held in the Capitol Building and will not necessarily occur on the same afternoon.
As such, we ask all folks who wish to testify to these committees to be vigilant and be flexible going forward.   Here is a link to the page where you can track committee meetings.
As soon as we have confirmed when testimony will be taken, we will alert as many people as we can.
For people who need transportation, we will arrange for buses to be available.  If you need bus transportation, send an email to
For persons wanting to testify, they must sign up at the Capitol Building the day the testimony will be heard.
More details to follow as we learn them.
Tony Viveiros
Chairman, STOP