To stop bridge tolls, show up Wednesday in force

To stop bridge tolls, show up Wednesday in force

dont_toll_lgTo the editor:
Folks —
I cannot overstate this importance.The RI Senate has scheduled a hearing for Senate Bill 20 sponsored by Wally Felag, companion bill is Senate Bill 242 sponsored by Sen DiPalma.
This companion bill written is an intelligent and forsightful alternative and shows bold and innovative leadership.  

The hearings are this coming Wedneday,  February 13th at 4 pm at the State Capitol.

fervently and urgently ask all of my friends and contacts to attend these hearings and testify.  Business owners in particlular:  you need to show up or else.

This is our one big chance to stop the tolls on the Sakonnet River Bridge.
If we do not show up in force, we seal our own fate.

Please do everything you can to attend and let everyone you know to go to the State Capitol on Wednesday.

One more time:  Folks:  I am dead serious about this.  To stop the tolls on the Sakonnet, we need to show up in force on Wednesday.
Ray Berberick

Portsmouth Business Association


  1. I’m pretty sure in order to do this they have to have paid off the debt on the Sakonnet and the Jamestown which is why RIBTA will ‘buy’ those bridges so our toll payments will in all actuality will be used to pay to repair the other 600+ bridges in the State.