Tiverton Town Council: Where were you during Senate toll hearing?

To the editor:

I have one very simple question:  Why, in a matter of as much importance and consequence as tolls on the Sakonnet Bridge to the town of Tiverton, was there not one member of our Town Council present at the Senate Finance Committee hearing at the State House in Providence on February 13?

I was there along with many of our residents.  We all spoke and gave testimony in support of the proposed Senate bills and opposition to the present proposed tolls.  Our state representatives were there, both House and Senate, and I can’t believe that they didn’t also feel the same void.

It seems inconceivable to me that, for a matter of such incredible financial and social consequences for our town, our Town Council made no effort to have representation at this hearing.  After all, isn’t it the Town Council’s role to represent the interests of the people of this town?

John A. Perkins, Jr.


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