Tiverton needs senior bus, not costly planner

Tiverton needs senior bus, not costly planner


To the editor:

The Town of Tiverton has a large senior population with many in their golden years. Many of the seniors have no family in town as their kids moved to find work because of the bad condition our economy is in.

The town has a senior center which provides services for those who can’t drive any more. The senior director has a list of seniors who need help getting to the grocery store or other retailers. As a town we supported a bus that was used to transport these seniors, lending them the hand they need. Many of these seniors have no one to take them shopping and they are not able to do it themselves.

Last year the bus the town bus broke down and it’s beyond repair. The bus was used when we received it from RIPTA with over a hundred thousand miles. Our public works garage did its best to keep it going until rust and a bad injection pump put it out of service.

These buses are cheap enough to purchase used, but our Town Council has made no effort to find one.

The Town Council has transferred over a hundred thousand dollars to an account to hire a full time planner. Keep in mind that the Budget Committee voted against a full time planner and only provided $20,000 for a consultant. The voters passed a budget that also provided for a part-time planning consultant.

My question is, why hasn’t the Town Council advertised for a used bus when there is more than enough money in their budget. They transferred $90,000 from the police department’s budget to the future needs account several meeting ago. We could buy four buses with that amount. We don’t need a full-time planner in this town. We do need this bus, and now!

This council needs to get it’s priorities straight. We should have the bus in service now. We don’t need a planner at over ninety grand a year.

Joe Sousa


Mr. Sousa is a member of the Budget Committee.


  1. Some nameless, faceless cowards were posting this on the Patch word for word. And now this politician (who’s banned from the Patch) posts it here. Something stinks in Tiverton.

  2. The Semior bus was a tremendous help to many folks who can’t drive or who don’t have the use of transportation to a store or pharmacy or bank etc. If the town has the resources for this then the council should either take action or let the citizenry know why they are not moving the question.
    If other alternatives are needed then let the public know. Perhaps a town wide fundraiser would be in order.