Tiverton needs essence of community

Tiverton needs essence of community


To the editor:

For the last two years under the guidance — albeit questionable — of the TCC/Town Council, Tiverton has been experiencing a quiet yet destructive shift, a divide.

Tiverton needs those who believe in the essence of community. If this doesn’t occur, then I am afraid of what Tiverton may soon look like: a town lacking in creativity, positive leadership and progressive development.

To obtain the essence of community will require new leadership. This will demand change. It is time to replace those who have not had the best interest of Tiverton at heart, but instead have had their own.

The TCC is difficult for me to describe. It’s even more difficult for me to see how anyone can claim the TCC is for the good. I have yet to see the benefits of any claimed good.

Instead, I see a group of people who are mostly angry and unhappy. Worse, if you can imagine such a thing, I’ve seen nothing done. Some hide behind a collection of various assumed names, or speak only when told to do so or if their words have been edited. I see no balance, no compromise, no collaboration, very little truth, and even less compassion.

I don’t see a successful system working under TCC leadership. Rather it is one that is self-serving, and that has contributed to a divide that is threatening what community is really about, which is a balanced system that thrives and provides.

I am taking this personally. Those who care about community and preserving Tiverton should take this personally. We should care what has been going on with certain members of the TCC in the name of Tiverton.

I am not willing to allow the behavior of a few to threaten the nature of the town I live. This is our town. Many of us are invested in Tiverton for the good of our neighbors, our children, our schools, our community organizations and our goods and services. How dare anyone running for office break Tiverton down into various “parts” of North and South.

Tiverton, if ever there was a time for us all to ask questions, and question the answers, it is now.  If ever there was a time to look at the facts and the character of those “creating” the facts, it is now. Look carefully at the people the TCC is putting forth in various positions of leadership.  Question what they say. Better yet, question their intentions.

If we don’t pay attention in the next month, and question scare tactics and bogus TCC selling points, and further question TCC math, I am afraid we as a town will continue to slip further into a system that is unforgiving in nature and unable to carry on.

Gloria Crist