Tiverton Cares: Meeting needs close to home

Tiverton Cares: Meeting needs close to home


To the editor:

Tiverton Cares, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization is now officially in existence.   Although Rhode Island has strong charities operating at the state level, we, the founders of Tiverton Cares, perceived a need for a general charity focused on Tiverton and Tiverton alone.   Based on our experience in public service, we found that too often there is a disconnect between those looking to help and those looking for information on where to get help.

There are many Tiverton residents doing great things and their stories are not being told.  Did you know, for instance, that several residents organized volunteer efforts to roof the senior center and insulate the fire station in North Tiverton?  Or that the purchaser of the old Ranger School let our firefighters train in the building before it was demolished?  We believe sharing these stories will encourage even more volunteerism, which is sorely needed in these rough economic times.

Tiverton Cares has a number of events currently underway, including a hat and glove drive, a spaghetti dinner to benefit the library building foundation, and a modest book scholarship to a graduating Tiverton High School senior. We will also be participating in the April litter cleanup and, get ready for spring cleaning, because our annual spring clothes drive is coming up sooner than all the recent snow suggests.

Tiverton Cares’ non-profit and nonpartisan status is the right thing for Tiverton.  After all, community is not just a slogan – we are a small town and we all live in it together.

If you have some spare time or spare change to share with others, there is a need and Tiverton Cares can help make the connections.   If you are looking for information on community resources, or you want to do what you can to help, call us at 525-0469 or email us at [email protected].

Rob and Danielle Coulter

Joy Gilkeson

Directors, Tiverton Cares


  1. While I would like to believe Tiverton Cares is on the up and up-and interested in mindful change for the good-it might be helpful to note:
    Many of the same Tiverton Cares are simply recycled TCC members-that worked so hard to divide our community-one of which filed a complaint against a Fort Barton secretary (“Button Gate”) that Justin Katz(TCC supporter) is now further pursuing-costing taxpayers money-one would think TC(hmmm, less one “C”?) would CARE about wasting taxpayer money-these are also the same people who supported taking $600,000 from the schools and refusing to return it-again, costing taxpayers even more money-how ironic TC is offering a “modest book scholarship” to a senior from the very school they fought to dismantle. If there were a genuine concern for community-perhaps Tiverton Cares would rally to collaborate instead of further divide-and while Tiverton Cares might try and resemble Tiverton First-make no mistake- Rob, Danielle and Joy have not reached out in any form or fashion to work together for COMMUNITY- I see transparency is still the buzz word.

  2. There are dozens of charities in Tiverton that focus on just Tiverton. The library, open space, history, music, sports, etc.. Where have these people been?

    • Hi Anna (last name???),

      You ask where have these people been? That is a pretty interesting question as like I said to Gloria above, you do not even know who I am so how can you ask where have I been? My offer to sit over a cup of coffee is extended to you as well. I’d be more than happy to bring you up to date on the extensive work I do in my community. Let’s sit together and see where our lives overlap and how we can help each other instead of accusing me of not being involved in the community, which you will certainly learn is not true. [email protected]. Hope to meet you soon.

      • Take a breath Ms. Gilkeson, I did not accuse you of anything. You and the other founders made the statement “Although Rhode Island has strong charities operating at the state level, we.. perceived a need for a general charity focused on Tiverton and Tiverton alone.”

        There are numerous charities that already exist that focus on “just Tiverton,” so I found that comment odd and misinformed. My comment was directed at that statement not at you personally.

        I also found it odd that TCC Cares changed its name??

        • I am in agreement with Anna- step back a bit Joy and breathe. We have actually met-once- at a public TCC candidate night you were helping( along with Jeff Caron) to organize at the VFW- you were not very polite-to either me or any of us in our group….and while many of us were freezing outside Amicable on the day of elections-you made sure Donna Cook and another TCC individual had fresh hot coffee. I am also very aware of your animosity towards our schools…..so let’s be real. I have nothing against you personally, I would just ask you to be forth coming with your details. Aligning yourself with a group that fought so hard to divide this town and destroy our schools does not seem to follow the guidelines of caring-and reporting back to Justin Katz your conspiracy theories is just plain silly-no one is out to get you. I am in full agreement care is what our town needs to thrive and survive-and yes, we do have several organizations in town already in the midst of seeking funds and volunteers( where was Tiverton Cares when various groups were desperately looking to fulfill Christmas wish lists for Tiverton families/children?) Do you understand liking the schools and wanting the schools support when it meets your needs does not count. Having the courage to ask those who know more about what is really needed is much more admirable than trying to pretend you are now pro-schools. So,in the true spirit of caring and collaboration-put your money and your mindfulness where your mouth is-why not ask the schools/teachers what is really needed-perhaps you’d like to have coffee with several of our teachers from all the elementary schools? Ask who needs what the most? Participate in our town wide celebration happening this summer- “Celebrate Tiverton!”-sponsor an event even- to promote COMMUNITY-and growth- Step outside the chatter of left over TCC-make a difference for the greater good-now there’s a slogan for ya!

          • Ah Gloria, Once again you are speaking about something you know NOTHING about – ME. Walk in to my sons’ school and ask any teacher who works there who I am. I am a staple in that school. For 4 years now I have volunteered a couple of times a week in my sons’ classrooms. I am at every single PTO event flipping pancakes, cleaning tables, face painting or whatever needs to get done. I am one of the moms that sorts the cookie dough for fund raisers and hands out the bags of soup. AND, to put frosting on your cake Gloria, I did ask Manny Cabral and Bernice what the kids needed and they told me hats and gloves for the kids. I have a letter from Manny asking for them. Once again I will ask you to stop spewing all this awful incorrect data about me. I am done justifying myself to you. The invitation to sit and chat with me about who I am is always open. You have my email address. STOP all this trash talk and just sit with me. What do you have to loose?

          • Once again, Joy- this is not about you personally. How wonderful you are helping and can say you are an active/involved parent- you should be applauded. I notice you failed to mention anything about your alignment with TCC-or the fact several members of the Tiverton Cares organization fought to dismantle our schools and in fact are left over TCC advocates-many of whom supported taking money from our schools and not returning it? How long has Tiverton Cares been around? I think it is wonderful there is an organization in town willing to take steps to care for those in need- I just hope you can see the validity of being honest.I do appreciate the offer for coffee-thank-you-and while I am often tempted to take someone dangerous to tea-I have a strong feeling the meeting would not go so well based on past experience.

          • This is surreal. Gloria Crist races to get the first comment to a letter about a new charity to help unfortunate people, and she uses it to make personal attacks on the people involved. Even on people who are barely involved, except as a friend, with Tiverton Cares, like me. Attack. Attack. Attack.

            And she claims we’re the divisive ones! And then she attacks Joy — personally, by name — only to follow up with the dishonest dodge that it’s “not about you personally.”

            Gloria, why are you so full of hate? Why are you trying to tear Tiverton apart?

          • Another country heard from: I figured it would not be long until you chimed in Justin. First of all:I am not German-let’s clear that up from the get go-though I appreciate the nod! There is so much love in my life I could burst-you mistake hate for realism-for truth-and my great need to call out blatant hypocrisy. I just find it so ironic the ones who fought so hard to divide our town and our schools have now reinvented themselves into an organization called Tiverton Cares…..and for one who claims to be a man of God-you sure do throw hate around a lot my brother. I certainly do not hate Joy-you or Tiverton Cares- I just ask that each of you take a minute and be real about what you say and what you do. Justin you have no children in our schools-yet you seem to chime in about how well you know parents who feel threatened to speak up for fear of retribution-you have no interest in our schools-yet yammer on about taxes-and see nothing wrong with wasting more taxpayer money on foolish claims. This should bother members of Tiverton Cares-that you are wasting money that could go to valuable causes. Ask how you can help-Justin-not how you can go on and on and on about-well, really nothing.

        • Thank you Anna for replying. Tiverton Cares is very aware of all the current charities. We are actually already involved in many of them. One of our missions is to provide a central place that others can learn about them and find all the events that are going on and places they can volunteer. A place that has phone numbers and contact names and dates of events. Once again I’d love to sit with you over coffee and further explain exactly what we are about. Your question was “Where have these people been?” Well, I have been right here, doing many things in Tiverton. If you really want an answer to your questions, I am more than happy to sit and chat. Thanks.

  3. Providence based band Alexander’s Dark Band, singer songwriter Kayla Ringelheim and the trio of Doug Mills, Seamus Galligan and Mike Heffernann will be gathering at Sandywoods Arts Center, 43 Muse Way in Tiverton, this Friday,March 1st, 7-10pm to raise the roof and shake off the winter blues!! This amazing mix of musicians are donating
    their time and talent to help raise funds for “Celebrate Tiverton!” a community wide summer festival happening throughout the town of Tiverton July 26-28.
    Tiverton First is thrilled to be bringing back a summer celebration that will include a flotilla, a bonfire, parade, summer harvest picnic and outdoor dance party!
    Tickets are $10 at the door! You are welcome to bring your own beverages and snacks! For more information please visit our blog: [email protected] or email us at [email protected]

  4. “a general charity focused on Tiverton and Tiverton alone”…Really? It’s my understanding like so much of the “grassroots” support its predecessor organization had, this one is also based out of town.