They sold us down the river

They sold us down the river


To the editor: This week the EBCDC held a meeting for the public to inform and answer questions concerning the newly proposed Palmer Pointe housing project.
I was shocked to learn that this land sits on accessible Waterfront. I always believed the land on the waterfront was owned by the land trust, or conservation.
Not so — it now belongs to EBCDC !!!
The tenants of this complex will have the pleasure of living on the shore of a beautiful quiet river.
On a sunny morning, bring a chair to the shore and sip your coffee and perhaps watch the sun rise — no worry about taxes, we will pay them for you.
Or, perhaps take a kayak, canoe, or small skiff and take a trip up river on a warm summer night  — no worry about taxes, we will pay them for you.
Or, a picnic followed by a cooling swim. Perhaps fishing in the quiet waters. No worry about taxes, we will pay them for you.
In addition, don’t forget that we are subsidising all the children in the complexes being built and offering the best school system in the state!
No wonder there is a waiting list –
NOT for seniors — we have been paying our own taxes for many years and this is our reward. We are being given the privilege of paying ours and theirs! Many of our own children cannot afford to stay in Barrington.
The town council approved this property for moderate/low income housing. They have truly “SOLD US DOWN THE RIVER”

Barbara Donovan



  1. Yes, they did sell the Barrington residents down the river. And the people that did the “selling” were happily re-elected by the voters in Barrington. That would lead one to assume that the Barrington voters are either VERY, VERY uninformed, or they are for the project.

    We had two very important meetings in Bristol on this subject last December and January, warning people what was coming down the pike.

    I don’t live in Barrington, but I am just as upset as you are to see this Agenda 21, sustainable living, blah. blah, blah… taking hold in your town. It will destroy your property values, and bankrupt you in the process.

    Please, if there is ANY measure you can take to stop this right now… Do it!

    I believe there may be a technicality in the way the statute was misrepresented to the Town Council in the early stages. Might be a good place to start.