These two will keep Portsmouth schools on course

These two will keep Portsmouth schools on course


To the editor:

We’ve all heard the predictions about hard financial times ahead.  When resources are constrained, educational decisions are even more complex.  I urge Portsmouth voters to examine the qualifications and experience of Portsmouth School Committee candidates.  Our town needs a committee with the right set of skills to tackle issues like sharing appropriate services with the town, reducing overhead, and continuing pension reform efforts while focusing on student achievement.

Michael Daly has gained valuable insight while serving on the committee this year.  As a lawyer, he was instrumental in several recent initiatives that have benefited the students and taxpayers of the town while minimizing the need to enlist outside legal help.  Mr. Daly has specialized in business litigation, which is an invaluable resource for the committee.  He is also a proud parent of three young children who attend Portsmouth schools.

Norbert Rattay is a contracts manager at Raytheon (formerly Texas Instruments).  Over the last 30 years, he has gained extensive experience in negotiations and agreements.   As a high-ranking military reserve officer, he provided support and oversight for over 1,000 contract actions.  Mr. Rattay was also involved in school booster organizations when his children were school aged.  He has the perspective of a business executive and seasoned parent.

Our town’s children deserve top-notch educators and administrators, a rigorous curriculum, safe school buildings, and supportive staff and families.  Our taxpayers deserve an efficient school district.  I endorse Michael Daly and Norbert Rattay.  These Republican candidates have the ability and experience, and are eager to make tough decisions to improve our children’s education.

Cynthia Sexton Perrotti