These big houses don’t fit in this town

These big houses don’t fit in this town


To the editor:

I walk down Beach Road many times a week. I meet many people along the way who are also enjoying that small peaceful space as they walk along the pond toward the beach.

Now part of the beauty of that walk has been blotted out by a tall and vastly expansive building that looks like it could house a small army. It totally blocks out any view of the ocean for not only people enjoying their evening reprieve but also for the people who live in the area.

People come to live in Barrington for a few reasons and one of those reasons is that they are enticed by its feeling of a beautiful small town and its peaceful and friendly atmosphere. But recently some come here for those reasons and then they proceed to impinge on the very thing they came here for by building huge mini-mansions in neighborhoods where they really do not fit.

In the past few years we have all seen huge houses being jammed into small places. In some cases these houses have exceeded the property line and taken property away from abutting properties.

I hope that the future for Barrington is not the fate that has befallen other communities like it, where any open spaces that make its beauty have been taken up by structures built in the last peaceful places.

I remember reading a very wise children’s book to my son by Bill Peet called the Womp World where beings from another world came, built large buildings, paved over meadows and built highways only to eventually leave because it wasn’t a place they wanted to, or could live in anymore. It occurs to me that that book portrays what is happening to this town.

So, I am asking why these people were allowed to build such a massive structure? Maybe the town needs to have stricter building ordinances. Maybe we all need to look more closely at this before the very things we care about are gone.

Barbara Flanders