The real motive of these river studies — sewers

The real motive of these river studies — sewers

To the editor:
It is very clear that the progressive interest groups in Westport continue to pick pocket the taxpayers. 
The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) was approached in 2012 to allot $30,000 for nitrogen testing of the Bread and Cheese Brook. The goal here is to prove that anything in Westport that is water has to be polluted and therefore we need sewers. This was voted on by the CPC, and was passed on to be voted at the May 2012 Town Meeting.  Now CPC is again approached by the same interest groups that would like another $30,000 for additional testing of the Bread and Cheese Brook.  And once again at the February 2013 CPC meeting they voted to gave away taxpayer funds to this project.
 We all know where this is going. The interest groups that lost their attempt to force sewers in 2004 are back at it again.  A sewer system would tax the Westport homeowner out of their homes. The cost of the sewers to be connected to their homes would force them to have to take out mortgages. Then every household would be taxed again so we can have another government agency in town to control and police the sewer system.  After all we have to give these new town employees full benefits.  And I almost forgot — Who is going to pay for the new sewer plant? The Westport taxpayer will have to.
All conservatives are aware that water testing can be skewed to whatever the interest group wants the results to be.  Past independent testing other than the group wanting $60,000 from CPC has shown that there is nowhere the level of nitrogen in the river being reported.
This is one more reason the taxpayers of Westport should be looking at slowing down the spending of CPC funds.  We have school buildings that need repairs and can never be funded by CPC because we are being told they do not fit the historical guidelines.
Other towns and cities across the Commonwealth in 2012 have voted to dissolve their Community Preservation Committee, vote not to form a CPC, or at least roll back the tax to a lower level.  The town of Norton voted at their town meeting last May to reduce CPC funding from 3% to 1 %.
Westport needs to do the same.
Mary Lou Daxland
Westport CPC member
Westport Republican Town Committee chairwoman


  1. Harken progressives. our cause is not affected by the misguided rants of Cal. Jane and Claude Ledoux. We are winning the Sewer battle slow but sure. Our friends at BBC, are in the recent WRWA contract to foster ‘infrastructure wastewater solutions” and are suing the Feds. and possibly Towns on the Cape to push Sewer infrastructure. I was at the march 6 BBC workshop on wastewater solutions including Sewer systems. We were well represented by a WRWA President and former Estuaries Committee chair and a WRWA Staff member, the WFA leadership was there in support. WRWA pres. who would like to get off his cesspool system, mentioned it was Great when Town citizens Pitch in as a whole to pay the costs of sewered areas. Our cause has high appeal to developers who look forward to reduced lot size of 5000 Square feet.
    Stay the course my friends. WFA’s and CPC going around the useless Westport Water Resources Management Committee is firmly putting us in charge of Town water affairs again. Selectmen will not dare to upset this balance if they value our vote.

    • This person does not live at Westport Point. This is a con man acting as if he is from Westport Point in order to stir up trouble. It is clear there is a concerted effort going on to foment animosity between the so-called North End and the so-called South End. What better way than pretend to be from the South End and make such remarks as this person has. Don’t be fooled by such tactics!! He gave himself away in his comment about the cesspool system. We have seen it too many times before.

  2. Sewers will never happen…the town as a collective has made a conscious decision to stay low-cost, low-services. Don’t move here and expect that to change for you. Or don’t look at Somerset and say “Hey, where’s MY government cheese!!!” I think the problem is that some people moved to “Westport” thinking they were moving to a high-end town. Maybe they just wanted to say they live in “Westport” for the appeal. But Westport is “high end” on an individual property basis…without its beaches or rivers, Westport is another backwoods where you go once a year for firewood or christmas trees. You wouldn’t move to Berkley and be surprised that there’s not town water or the school system is terrible, would you?. If you live a block off of Route 6 in Westport, you’re going to get neither the services over the line in Dartmouth nor will you get the taxes. If you want all those services, Dartmouth may be for you. But don’t live in Westport and throw your hands up that you don’t get country club services at public park prices.

  3. Westptpointer:
    True to form the liberals come out name calling. You hate being called out on your dirty little plans……so you start calling people names……Let ‘s see, Are you one of the Westport Point dwellers perhaps??……. the biggest winners if sewers come to town……. some of you live 12 feet from the curb……. not going to cost you all your life’s savings to connect….and Oh yes, you are correct some of you at the Point are still on cesspools and yet you have the nerve to tell the rest of the town that you are soooooo into potecting the environment.
    I believe you have your progessive talk backwords…….it should be the Richest Demographic that pays their fair share……. Westport Point is one of the highest taxpayers neighborhoods in town……. Yet you want some working stiff,working 2 jobs to pay his morgage from the north end of town to help you pay for the cost of sewers going into you home….. You people have no morals……. Up grade your cesspools to septic on your own dine……. BTW people live in Westport because they do not want development in this town that would cause our taxes to go up…… You don’t like Westport the way it is then may I suggest you MOVE to VT. where the rest of the liberal left dwells.

    • I would suspect that you are the author of both the original message and the comment. Very clever you might think but very obvious.

  4. The WFA has never discussed “sewer and water” at a meeting. We have discussed nitrogen loading and its negative impact on the river and the shellfish habitat. Personally sewer and water as a municipally funded remedy for water pollution is a “pie in the sky” approach to the problem or simply put, it ain’t gonna happen! And many of the satirical comments on these forums that are tagging sewer and water as the object of those in favor of addressing nitrogen loading just want everyone to believe that. There are many other things that can be done short of “infrastructure” such as individual onsite nitrogen treatment for septic systems. Vegetative buffers in sensitive areas near resources but the nameless contributors to these forums, in fact, really don’t want anything like that. If sewer and water was expanded and fed into the Fall River treatment facility it would end up in Mt. Hope Bay and the Taunton River which feeds into Narragansett Bay. And the nitrogen is not removed By that “infrastructure”. Maybe instead of “5000 square foot lots” we should have 120,000 sq. ft. lots like Little Compton” and vigorously protect wetlands and river tributaries? These nameless clowns on this forum are really against that and the sewer and water “don’t throw me into the briar patch”
    bull they’re spewing is just that “bull”. What they’re really afraid of is all the measures that can be effective short of “infrastructure”!