Thanks for supporting Hope & Main; please do so next week

Thanks for supporting Hope & Main; please do so next week


To the editor:
To the Town of Warren: Thank you. Thank you for turning out in the wind-driven rain; for braving a traffic jam that resembled an evacuation; and for standing in line not once but twice to cast your vote for an idea that you believe in.

We imagined many possible scenarios for last Monday evening as we worried about whether we could achieve a quorum of 125 voters, but a 400-person mandate was not one of them!

Three years ago I had wanted to create a small, health-focused food business, but could not find an affordable place to get it started. When I stood in the Main Street School for the first time, it occurred to me that creating a hi-capacity shared-use commercial kitchen space is not unlike any other shared learning space, and a shuttered school was the perfect location. So I traded my own dream and instead invested in a vision that will make the dreams of many, many dozens of culinary  entrepreneurs possible.

Thank you for sharing in this vision of reinvention: for Main Street, for Warrenites, for farmers and fisherman, and for our local food system.

It is not often that you get to be part of an idea that is bigger than yourself. Hope & Main was always intended to belong to the people of Warren, and last week you claimed it as your own.

Please support this important engine of economic development one last to time by voting YES to allow Hope & Main, a non-profit organization,  to purchase Main Street School on October 29 at the all-day referendum (9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) at Town Hall. For more information go to or contact me at [email protected]

Lisa J. Raiola, MPH



  1. As the Chairman of the Warren Economic Development Board, I was inspired to witness an overwhelming number of voters turn out to support the Hope and Main project. They recognized that this project will stimulate our local economy and I am confident that these same voters will turn out again next Monday to insure the project moves forward.

    Brandt Heckert