Thanks for helping with local concert

Letter to the Editor - stockimage

To the editor:

The members of all the bands who played at Democalypse would like to thank the Barrington Bay Team for sponsoring our event, the Democratic club for generously donating their space for free, and the parents who lent their time in order to chaperone. Over 100 people attended to listen to music from various teen musicians. $650 was raised to help the Bay Team continue their program. With the support of the community, we hope to continue to host events such as this.

Jack Fortin, Sam Bonney, Matt Zucconi, Ben McCormick, Elliot Bailey, Will Orchard, Ruby Suraski, Kieran Egan, Tim Gamache, Charlie Winner, Casey Turgeon, Sam Nozaki, Teddy Kurkoski and Annie Hutchings


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