Thanks for helping the Corliss Institute in Warren

Thanks for helping the Corliss Institute in Warren


To the editor: 

The Corliss Institute, Inc. welcomed friends to the 5th Annual Corliss Walk on Saturday, September 22nd in support of independent living for deaf adults with developmental disabilities. The Walk was a success on many levels. Not only did it raise money to support the many programs at Corliss but it brought various groups in the wider community together. Barrington High School and Bishop Hendriken student volunteers helped with the logistics of the Walk. The Providence College Women’s Tennis Team formed a team of walkers. Hamilton Relay, a telecommunications company, supported the walk with a monetary donation. Shaw’s in Barrington donated hot dog rolls and Jan Martin served kale salad from our community garden.
This year the Helping Corliss Award was given to The Bristol Elks Lodge 1860 and Bill Hill for providing the venue for our wine tasting event held this past June as well as Bill’s ongoing support of Corliss.
Our thanks go out to all the friends of Corliss who helped.
In case you do not know much about Corliss, here is a little bit about who we are and what we do. In 1985, The Corliss Institute, Inc. was created to provide an educational, environmental and residential setting for deaf adults who have mild to profound disabilities in addition to their deafness.
Our staff, many of whom are Deaf, offer daily support, guidance and teaching to more than 25 clients. Each client is taught to be as independent as possible; some live independently in their own apartments and some work independently in competitive jobs, while others require some or full time support. Corliss provides training that includes but is not limited to: monetary management, housekeeping, shopping and preparing meals, developing alternate communication strategies to communicate with the general population including utilizing adaptive technology.
Employment training includes work habits and attitudes as well as incorporating various communication models, i.e.: American Sign Language (ASL), communication books, etc. Corliss’ goal is to not only train and teach various skills to prepare our clients for employment but to also provide tools for them to engage in meaningful conversations with their peers and supervisors.
Our clients have lived in Warren for at least 10 years, many for almost 30 years. They patronize local shops and restaurants and participate in Town of Warren’s many events including Earth Day. With the help of Jan Martin, our clients have learned to maintain a community garden, donating much of the produce grown to groups such as We Share Hope, a local non profit agency in Warren, other agencies that serve people with disabilities, and food pantries across RI. Not only do our clients grow the produce, they also assist in the boxing and dissemination to be delivered to low income families. Corliss is also proud to be a part of the USDA national program “People’s Garden Initiative” which was created to help those in need, including promoting the importance of healthy eating.
If you would like further information please visit our website at or contact Kelly at 245-3609 ([email protected]).
Jean Moniz
290 Main St.
Ms. Moniz is the director of operations and administration for the Corliss Institute, Inc.