Thanks for getting involved in Wightman’s Farm decision

Thanks for getting involved in Wightman’s Farm decision


To the editor:

I applaud the community for showing up, standing up and speaking up! The public hearing on Wightman’s Farm was a long late night, and still the people endured to communicate their stance. With limited time to speak and a long list of issues, the community rose to the challenge clearly demonstrating ability to be informed, articulate, honest, efficient and respectful. Instead of spending precious time with redundant remarks, the room applauded to show voice that speakers represented common views.

Masses of people showed for the Hope and Main vote, and now too at this hearing which attempted to change the comprehensive plan.  Citizens of Warren clearly have passion for their vision of the town, and the expression of this at these two public hearings is inspiring.

I commend the town council president and solicitor for stepping up and supporting the public right to speak and present documents and images at the public hearing, despite the applicant’s (Wightman’s) objections.  The round of applause from the room after the solicitor’s remarks shows the community supports each other in being heard.

Well done, community!

Dana K. Warren

345 Adams Lane