Thank you, Warren, for helping those less fortunate

Thank you, Warren, for helping those less fortunate


To the editor:

Thanks to volunteers who assembled in Warren on Christmas Day, 182 people in Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Riverside and Central Falls received something simple, yet precious, this holiday — a decent meal.

For the 15th straight year, our community came together on Christmas Day to help those most in need of help: The homebound, the elderly and those down on their luck.

Organized by Warren Unit #11 of the American Legion Auxiliary, this “community of care” included many individuals plus organizations such as American Legion Post #104 of Warren, the Rhode Island chapter of the Combat Veterans Motor Cycle Association and the Warren Association of Vietnam Veterans.

In this community, too, were the East Bay Newspapers, Father John Abreu at St. Thomas the Apostle Church,. Sharon Massed (who baked dessert for each meal package), Balasco’s Pizza for its famous “Aunt Mary’s potoates,’’ and Gold Medal bakery for the dinner rolls.

Our work is done for 2012, but we’ll gather once again on Thanksgiving Day 2013. Meanwhile, to all who helped, in one way or another, Happy New Year!!! You deserve it.

Judy Fardig
17 Milwaukee Ave.

Mrs. Fardig is president of Warren Unit #11