Thank you for serving both town and country

Thank you for serving both town and country


To the editor:

On January 8, 2013, Officer Corey Lamirande completed his last tour of duty with the Bristol Police Department. Officer Lamirande was hired by the Bristol Police Department on March 21, 2002 and during that time he was an exceptional officer and very good friend to many in this department.

Although it was a challenging decision, Officer Lamirande made the decision to go work full time for the United States military (Army).

During his time at the Bristol Police Department he spent several months overseas serving this country in a Special Forces Unit.

For the last several years, Officer Lamirande was an instrumental part of helping his fellow officers with firearms training. Officer Lamirande was one of the department’s finest firearms instructors. More importantly, Officer Lamirande was an exceptional person, always kind to others.

Speaking on behalf of all of the officers and staff here at the Bristol Police Department, Corey, you will be missed and we all truly wish you and your family the best. Thank you for being a great friend to many and thank you for your service to this country and the town of Bristol.

Adam Clifford
Detective, Bristol Police Department