Tennis coach cares deeply about his team

Tennis coach cares deeply about his team


To the editor:

I’m a sophomore in high school, and this is my second year on the varsity tennis team, but I’ve known (coach) Eddy (Anelundi) for years because my sister was on the team before me.

He’s sometimes tough on us, but that’s what you have to do to win. If you have a team that has a losing streak, you’re going to be tough on your team to make sure they win.

Before a game he’ll tell us not to eat too many snacks because we won’t be able to run and get shots. He’s our coach, it’s his job to make sure we are healthy and fit and able to play properly. He cares so much about us and this team means a lot to him.

He was inducted into a coach’s hall of fame early in October, and he always talks about it, he’s so proud. He loves coaching and is very efficient at it since they obviously don’t put bad coaches in the hall of fame.

One match one of my teammates fell and hurt her ankle and that night, Eddy called her to make sure she was alright. Another teammate has allergies and Eddy sometimes brings us homemade pizza and he made a whole separate pizza just for her since she couldn’t eat the pizza he normally makes. During the states tournament, we had to be in North Kingstown at 9 a.m. so he bought us Munchkins and orange juice.

Whenever I would win during the season, he would hug me and say “I’m so proud of you! Good job! You should do it more often!” He’s always supportive of us, and when I lose, he doesn’t yell at me, he just gets disappointed. Also, I was on the team last year as well, and I didn’t notice any “abusive” behavior and had no complaints.

I have so many good memories with Eddy. One day he said something to me in Italian and I asked him what he said and he told me he said “How cute are you.” Eddy isn’t just my tennis coach, he’s a grandpa to me.

Monica Drimbarean