TCC Cares: Finding ways to help in Tiverton

TCC Cares: Finding ways to help in Tiverton


To the editor:

Thank you to those who attended the TCC candidate forum last Friday night at Countryview for their donations to the Tiverton food pantry and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. I believe that having a strong community means a lot more than having a big, expensive government. It means having strong nonprofit organizations and volunteer activities which allow citizens the opportunity to help others.

As I complete my four years of service on the Tiverton School Committee, I am looking forward to spending more time on the charity side of Tiverton Citizens for Change. It is obvious that TCC’s political opponents have adopted a strategy of perpetual personal attacks and lies in order to try to tear other people down. These attacks have been an insult. For example, I serve in the Newport Child and Family Services Friendly Visitor Program and multiple free clinic networks, and my husband Rob serves on many nonprofit boards and was even recognized by the Providence Business News for his community service. The reality is that your TCC public officials and key supporters are among the most generous and devoted people in Tiverton.

Did you know that TCC supported the volunteer roofing of the Senior Center and insulating the North Tiverton fire station attic? That TCC does litter pickup at the park and ride? In fact, since 2008, your TCC public officials and key supporters have donated time and money to over 100 charities and nonprofits, on top of countless hours of service on official Tiverton boards and commissions. And that list continues to grow as I am collecting data.

So while there is nothing new about TCC service to the community, I’ve decided that we need to do a better job of spreading the word and so that’s why I’ve decided to put a name around all the great things we are already doing – and will continue to do: the Tiverton Citizens for Change Community Assistance Revitalization Education and Support — TCC Cares —as a way to better capture and shine a spotlight on all the good things that taxpayers do, and will continue to do to. My hope is that doing so will help encourage others to volunteer, and continue helping build, and help others build, a better Tiverton.

Danielle Coulter



  1. If the TCC CARES, then why are they wasting $18,000 on a boat to pump out crap for well to do folks. We have people who can’t afford housing, food, clothing, and heating. Hell we have people that can’t afford to dump their trash because the trash bags cost money, yet Dave Nelson and Rob Coulter think it is a good idea to buy a boat to pump out wealthy peoples crap.

    TCC priorities are definitely screwed up, I don’t care about how many fast food wrappers you pick up on Grinnell’s Beach.

  2. Funny, how this is the first time anyone has ever heard of this “new” division of the TCC-the same group who stole $600,000 from the schools,(and wasted close to $100,00 of taxpayer money on legal fees)wanted to cut goods and services to those who need it the most- have a couple of lawsuits pending against the town-and enforced our $10 trash bag policy- yet the writer of this letter, and her husband take their trash to work in another county to avoid paying for the bags…..Biggest crock of hooey ever…..funny how she also does not mention only ten people showed for the “event”…..good thing she is ending her term on the school committee. Good riddance….and if you do good deeds for the sake of goodness-you really don’t have to shout about it-it is evident in the doing.