Tattrie responds to Rick Norman accusations

Tattrie responds to Rick Norman accusations

To the editor:

Yet again a week or two before the elections, “Rick Norman” has sent a letter to the editor attacking me.
This time his beef and apparently Brandt Heckert and Davison Bolster feel the same way, based on their entries to the newspaper last week, is how I appoint board members. Even though this was fully covered at the candidates’ forum, I will respond again. (view forum yourself at vimeo.com/52151283).
The qualifications for any board or commission member is that they are an elector of the town. Some do say that the appointee cannot be a member of the town council or and employee of the town. 
Though I was the only attacked by “Mr. Norman,” all but Mr. Bolster and David Frerichs, felt that “qualifications” for appointees could be subjective. Some felt that someone could look great on paper and not so good in practice. Watch the forum, it’s the first question posed.
To be clear, “Mr. Norman’s” letter makes it appear that Mr. Kallfelz did not get appointed to the planning board, which he did, so my vote did not hurt that appointment. The planning board already had several members from two distinct areas and/or mindsets, and my goal is to add not just good people, but diversity to the boards and commissions. It would have been against my message of diversity and representing the entire town instead of special interests groups to cast my vote differently. As for the quote in the Warren Times, that was one very small part of what I told the reporter when he questioned my vote.   
Throwing around the phrases “political appointments” and “playing politics” may further the cause of stirring emotions, but has no momentum here. Mr. Silvia had previously served on the zoning board, and I felt he was a good fit for the planning board. He also was appointed as there were two vacancies and three applicants at the time Mr. Kallfelz and Mr. Silvia were appointed. No politics there, but nice try “Mr. Norman.”
Cathie Tattrie
55 Schoolhouse Road
Ms. Tattrie is a member of the Warren Town Council. This letter comes in response to a letter sent to the Warren Times last week.


  1. Cathy both you and Chris Stanley have stated publicly you are protecting us against “special interest” groups.

    In your case who exactly are you protecting us against? What do you mean by “special interest groups”?

  2. By definition, everyone is a part of a special interest group. Maybe Mr. Silvia represents the democratic party a “special interest group” that Ms Tattrie happens to be part of. The vote against Mr. Kallfelz was obviously not about getting the most qualified individual on the board. The fact that he was appointed anyway is an inappropriate argument. I judge a Town Councilor by the votes they make.

  3. Ms Tattrie,

    I seem to recall that it was by your vote that John Jannitto was reappointed to the BCWA Board.

    Things are finally being fixed at BCWA now that HE IS OUT AS CHAIRMAN!!!

    Jannitto’s record of running cover for P DeLise for years showed him as a problem mostly for Warren residents given we all had to drink that swill from the Kickemuit River, which has finally been shut down as a water source.

    Local politics appeared to have played a role in your decision there. What do you say about that “political appointment”?