Take a moment to thank a teacher

Take a moment to thank a teacher


To the editor:
Lately every time teachers get mentioned in the news it is in reference to the pension system, educational failures, or their hours.  This has always infuriated me to be frank.  These dedicated educators spend as many waking hours with our children as we parents do during the week.

On a normal school day they are responsible for our child’s emotional, intellectual and social well-being and development.   But on a horrific day such as last Friday, they are responsible for so much more.  They protect our children from experiencing the worst evil imaginable by comforting them, reading to them, telling them that they are loved.  And, when the unimaginable walks through the door, they place themselves between evil and our children and with their last breath shelter our children from harm.

Please let a teacher know that they are appreciated, and that what they do every day is a triumph of courage.  I wish to thank my daughter’s 4th grade teacher Mrs. Cronan, her principal Sonya Whipp and the many fantastic educators at Guiteras School who have helped mold her into the remarkable girl she is.  Please take a moment to do the same the next time you see a teacher.

Tricia Borgia
44 Tower Street, Bristol


  1. yes, there are some very good teachers out there and the teachers that tried to save their children from harm are real heros, it is a shame to have to read the next article and find this person was a harm to children. Can anyone make sense of our society today?