Surrender monkeys have it right; green energy isn’t total solution

Surrender monkeys have it right; green energy isn’t total solution


To the editor:

I loved the sour-grapes, simplistic hissy-fit tone of your Nov. 21 Phoenix editorial, “Clean Air Assault”. I was just beginning to get into the whole bit about (unnamed) evil, scheming, anti-Mother Earth conspirators (‘some in Washington’) who haven’t yet converted to the Religion of Climatism (Infidels!) when all of a sudden something caught my eye: touting the wind turbines, including the one in Portsmouth, as shining examples of the technology direction that we all ought to be heading in.

Well this is marvelous, really, because it would seem that wind turbine technology has advanced to the point where some don’t even have to turn their blades to generate electricity. I haven’t seen the Portsmouth turbine spinning in months. So if anyone’s getting any electricity out of it, it’s because they’ve run a really long extension cord over to dirty ol’ coal-fired Montaup. How many hundreds of thousands did they say it will cost to re-build the broken gear box, in a big expensive turbine that was provided by a Canadian company that conveniently went out of business? Are there any egg farms in Portsmouth? There are a few faces over there looking a little yolky right now.

I don’t like dirty ol’ Montaup either. I can’t tell you how much soap I’ve used up scrubbing the soot from that plant off my boat. But it’s a small price to pay to keep the lights on, dry my clothes, and run the coffee-maker in my home, all these things (and others) which require a lot more juice than three triple-A Energizers – or a motionless wind turbine – can provide. Maybe they ought to stuff the pink bunny into the gearbox of the Portsmouth Monument to Green Energy and see if they can turn it back into a generator again.

That’s the trouble with green energy sources. The technology is a lot newer than, say, a steam turbine. There are a few bugs to work out. And then there are problems such as calm days and nights with no wind. What are folks like your editorial writer going to say when he or she goes to plug in their Chevy Volt to charge it up and there’s no juice in the outlet? I can hear the anguished screams all the way across town.

Green energy sources will, for the foreseeable future, be supplementary. Their energy is also very expensive. So unless you’re a very rich greenie with your roof covered with solar panels and whirly-gig generators, don’t shut down Montaup. You’ll put us all back to the age of Betty lamps and rush-lights. Maybe we’ll even have to go back to whale oil lamps! You can bet that Capt. Paul Watson won’t like that one little bit!

Just remember that the quiche-eating surrender monkeys whom we call the French are 90 percent nuclear for power generation, something else to admire them for in addition to butter croissants. Let’s put a nice clean nuke at Montaup. I won’t have to scrub my boat as much, and no one will need to fix the dinosaur in Portsmouth; leave it as a tourist attraction.

Michael L. Martel

16 Birchwood Drive



  1. The wind industry has been hiding a dirty little secret about the gear box failures. One gear box manufacturer has had over 600 gear box failures. The turbines in Princeton and Otis Air Force Base ,Massachusetts and Portsmouth ,Rhode Island have had catastrophic failures .The gear boxes only last three years and close to one million to repair .

    The wind industry has been aware of the gear box problems since 2004 yet none of the customers ever are told the turbines break down in three years !

    Now that the little secret is out the wind industry has changed to direct drive transmissions telling new customers not to worry because they stopped making gear box wind turbines.

    The gear box wind turbines carry 200 gallons of oil .The wind industry always tells the news that the fires in turbines are unknown ! It makes you wonder if the turbines catch fire sometimes when the gear boxes over heat ?