Staven has fought DEM’s Portsmouth sewer push

Staven has fought DEM’s Portsmouth sewer push


To the editor:

The community of Portsmouth has been embroiled in a battle with DEM over sewers for years.  Judy Staven (R),Portsmouth councilwoman, has been at the forefront of this fight from the inception.  Even before taking a seat on the Town Council, Ms. Staven was actively involved in opposing sewers through the Portsmouth Concerned Citizens.

She has fought long and hard for the citizens of Island Park and Common Fence point.  Now at long last, with some glimmer of success on the horizon, is it a surprise to anyone who knows her that she might be inclined to misspeak?  Ms. Staven has many qualities, one of the best being common sense.  One thing Ms. Staven is not is timid; she speaks her mind.

In her exuberance over sewers she obviously jumped the gun, but in retrospect, no actual harm was done.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for James Seveney and Leonard Katzman who supported the Portsmouth High School wind turbine which is likely to cost the taxpayers $3 million.

Robert Bledsoe