State union leader targets Portsmouth

State union leader targets Portsmouth


To the editor:

According to an article published by GoLocalProv on April 2, 2012, National Education Association Government Relations Director Patrick Crowley announced that union activity in the communities of South Kingston, Middletown and Portsmouth will receive special attention during the upcoming elections.

He specifically targeted the school committees and town councils.  Mr. Crowley cited a 30-year attack on union members, especially teachers unions.  “The modern day Robber Barons see us, NEARI, as a threat to their attempt to manipulate the free market and political process and the attack on our members is really part of the coordinated, national attack on women.”

Really?  Wow!  Can you imagine all of that going on right here in Portsmouth?  And all of this time I thought the issue was a quality education for our children at a price that the taxpayers could afford.  Just shows you how wrong I can be.  I am just beginning to realize that my interest and attendance at School Committee and Town Council meetings is actually “an attempt to manipulate the free market and political process and an attack on women.”  Little did I know!

It would seem that Mr. Crowley is completely out of touch with the process going on in virtually every community in America and Portsmouth in particular.   It is simply citizens doing their best to make our local governments work and be responsive to the needs of the citizens.  It isn’t always a neat and orderly process, but it is democracy at work.  And it is the American way.  I wonder why the union is targeting a School Committee that has put the students first for the last two years?

It appears that Portsmouth Democrats are aligned with or supported by the NEA.  I for one certainly don’t want the union running this town.

But be that as it may, I am beginning to wonder exactly what Mr. Crowley and his union are doing in Portsmouth to affect our elections?  Who are the people Mr. Crowley has recruited to help him in his task?  What are they doing?  Are any of the candidates for the Council or School Committee members or ex-members of the union?  Kind of makes me nervous.

Paul Ross