State spending requests will cost us big

State spending requests will cost us big


To the editor:

I recently read that Rhode Island’s state debt has recently reached $8.2 billion. This includes all long term liabilities connected with the state. Over the last decade, our state debt has increased by half a billion dollars. This November 6th, there are several referendums that will result in increased debt for Rhode Island. I understand the importance of higher education facilities, supporting our veterans, clean water, environmental considerations and affordable housing, but voting in all these referendums in the upcoming election is projected to add over $300 million to our already overwhelming state liabilities. Also note that approximately $100 million of this new debt is interest. I believe these types of initiatives should be paid for within our state budget. In these times our state should be attempting to balance our budget and begin to reduce our debt, not add to it. I am not suggesting that the goals of the proposed referendums are not important; I am suggesting that if Rhode Island’s financial situation does not improve we will have much worse problems to deal with.

This November 6th, we need to send a message to our elected officials (both state and federal) that we will not stand for continued excessive spending and additional accrual of government debt.  Voters should think about each referendum and we should ask ourselves if it is worth mortgaging the future of our great state.

Eric Salamon

560 Water St.



  1. Eric:
    The state debt is actually $11.7 Billion dollars and slowly decreasing. What is increasing is the state budget which recently increased by 6% to go over $ 8 Billion dollars! The federal government backs this spending up with $2.6 Billion. I ask the question “what happens when the federal government cuts back? – Where does that leave little Rhody?”

    This state has become the foster child of the federal government. People of this state have become dependent on that entitlement check. The Dems use that check as a weapon against them if they don’t re-elect them. What people have not figured out is that the value of the check remains the same while the spending power decreases. People need to also realize that the Dems have taken $716 Billion dollars out of Medicare to fund the President’s Healthcare system. That is highway robbery! All of these spending programs are unsustainable and will eventually fail.

    When people hear Dems like Fred St. Germain, Patches Kennedy, Ciclline and others threaten the entitlement check unless you re-elect them, that says something about them – they are not telling you want they have done for you. They just want to scare you into re-electing them. People have to become citizen activists and ask these politicans questions – “What have you been doing for us in Washington?” They won’t answer the question except deflect blame on the other party. It takes two to make an agreement. The Dems have been holding up this country for three years because of their tax demands. They are the tax and spend party. We are over $16.2 Trillion in debt! Who has gotten us there?