Stand together to fight Sakonnet River Bridge toll

To the editor:
We have all agreed that we must stand together and support each other on local issues and we have accomplished some great things together.  There has long been a “divide and conquer” strategy at the General Assembly to pit city against city, county against county, and East Bay against West Bay. And, it has been successful.  The legislators in one area can smile and vote to “support” their constituents, all the while knowing that the others will pick up the slack and pass whatever bill is in contention anyway.  Then they all play musical chairs and do it again on another bill.
We have all agreed that we will do our best to stop this nonsense!
This is a commuter bridge, or as one person stated, “a workingman’s bridge.”  Any tolls imposed on this bridge will adversely affect Rhode Islanders on both sides of the bridge.  Businesses will be hurt; Rhode Islanders will have less money to spend locally after deducting the cost of crossing the bridge every day to go to work, shop, and go about their daily business.
 When the East Bay Energy Consortium Act surfaced which would have raised energy rates across the state while “kicking back” a portion of the revenue to the nine East Bay towns who were members, we fought it tooth and nail.  We in the East Bay did not want any part of profitting off the backs of the other 30 towns in Rhode Island.
 We ask you now to help us.  If your legislator is one who voted for these tolls, please call or email him/her and tell him you are against the tolls.  We are hoping to have a repeal bill written when the legislature goes back in session.  But it is not too early to express your support.
If we don’t all stand together, we will go down together!  Enough is enough!
Marina Peterson


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