Site Ready trash plan a nightmare for Tiverton

Site Ready trash plan a nightmare for Tiverton


To the editor:

Many of you are not aware of the potential danger lurking right now in the planning board meetings at the Town Hall.  There have been numerous meetings recently that include the proposal for a transfer station in town.

Site Ready Materials, located on Eagleville Road, is seeking the approval to construct two 25,000 square foot buildings for the purpose of processing single stream recyclables and to transfer construction and demolition debris, recyclables and solid municipal waste.  In other words, they want to be a storage dump for household garbage coming in from Fall River and other surrounding communities.

Site Ready estimates that 340 trucks per day would be traveling down Eagleville Road (as well as Stafford or Fish roads) dumping 1,500 tons of trash per day.  That is almost 700 trips per day of dump trucks, box trucks etc., making trips back and forth on our rural country roads, potentially clogging traffic and creating treacherously dangerous road conditions.

Site Ready estimates that  $15,000 in additional tax revenue will be generated annually for the town.  This is not worth the potentially hazardous conditions that it poses to create directly to it’s closest neighbors, Stafford Pond (Tiverton’s public drinking water supply!) and anyone residing along the trash truck route, not to mention the potential widespread loss of property value in town.

I am an avid recycler and certainly realize the importance and value of having a plan in place to recycle.  As you know, in Tiverton we have already turned to mandatory recycling and are paying to have our trash disposed of via pre-paid trash bags.  This transfer station is not for us!  It is definitely in the wrong neighborhood and surely in the wrong town.   This plan seems to be in the best interest of one company and not in the best interest of our town.  It is a direct detriment to many neighbors and to our environment.

I urge every one of you to attend the next planning board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013.  Take action now before it is too late!  Do not let what happened with the Sakonnet River Bridge tolls happen here.  This is an issue that will not come up for vote in town.  Your best chance to become more informed and to be able to express an opinion about this issue is to attend the planning board meeting January 8 at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall.

Kielty Pelletier