Shame on Malik and Felag, who failed us

Shame on Malik and Felag, who failed us


 To the editor:

It is not often today that our state legislators have a vote that directly impacts the basic rights of a group of citizens; the current legislative session in the General Assembly is a rare exception.

Every year since 1997, Marriage Equality bills have been introduced in the General Assembly.  Most years the bills failed in committee.  This year the bills made it to the full house and senate for votes, and thankfully passed.

The Marriage Equality legislation provides the same rights and legal protections afforded married heterosexual couples to married same sex couples in our state.  These protections include estate/survivor benefits and legal/medical rights.  The bills provide basic rights often taken for granted by the majority of heterosexual couples.

While I am pleased the legislation finally passed, I am extremely disappointed that two of the three state legislators whose districts include the town of Warren voted against Marriage Equality.  State Senator Walter Felag (D) was one of only 12 senators to vote “no” in the senate.  State Representative Jan Malik (D) was one of 19 representatives to vote “no.”   The only member of the state delegation whose district includes areas of Warren to support Marriage Equality was State Representative Ken Marshall (D).

Senator Felag and Rep. Malik should be ashamed for voting to deny basic rights to members of their districts.  These representatives are out of touch with their constituency and will ultimately regret being on the wrong side of history on an issue that affords equal protection to all residents of Warren and the state at large.  They have failed in their duty.

 Steve Thompson

Broad Street


  1. Gee, another un happy constituant of our reps, but they keep getting voted in. I myself stated they only vote for what is in their best interest, not the people that voted them in, so stopp voting for them and let someone listen to the people.

  2. I didn’t vote for them! Neither should you. They are the few liberals out there who don’t believe in equality. One of them is too busy writing laws to help his liquor business.

  3. [email protected]

    I am very proud of Senator Felag and Representative Malik for voting the way of truth in voting against Marriage Equality. So-called same sex marriage advocates just don’t get it: Marriage is between one man and one woman as designated by our Lord God when he created us. Anything else is a perversion to the truth. As a society, we have so perverted the truth that I can understand how, when you throw the word equality into the mix, people think others are being unjust. What they are being is loyal to the truth which is so much greater a concern than providing equal benefits. These two people might be on the wrong side of history, but they are on the right side of God. Bravo to them for fulfilling their duty to their creator!

    • Hillbilly, your comments show that you are an intolerant religious person, but not everyone shares your religion. Our laws should not be based on religious tenets.

      As for Felag and Malik, I’ll never vote for them again.

  4. hidibaily, that is your opinion and your intitled to that, but what about the rest of us americans that dont belive in god and that way of live. why should other people be treated different and not get the same benifits as you god lovers. our way of live is all men are created equal, not that one belives in god and should get married and get back more taxes because he is.

    • [email protected]

      Hi Davetaxprep,

      It’s funny that you believe that all men are CREATED equal, yet you don’t believe in the CREATOR. What a contradiction.
      God has placed in all of us the desire to know him. And all of creation speaks of his reality. I’m not upset with people getting equal benefits; I am upset with people perverting the institution of marriage as designed by God to be between one man and one woman. Jesus said, “Render unto Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and to God what belongs to God.” I would gladly give you all the financial benefits in the world because it belongs to man. But keep marriage between a man and a woman – marriage is a sign of the life of the Holy Trinity; the one true God.

  5. Congratulations to Rep. Kenneth Marshall for standing up for equal rights for all . Shame on Rep Malik and Sen Felag you forget who you represent sad, very sad.

  6. heidibailey, again your right to belive in what you want, but dont throw reliegion down my throught. We live in a country of laws and suppose to be equal to everyone, not who belives in what god, who has more money. Marrarige can be just that in the eye of god and your church, but people could have a right of LAWFUL UNION between two people. Just as there are people somewhat married by a common law agreement. Respect other believes besides your own.
    we make up this free democracy called the UNITED STATES of America. This is a good reason why government needs to stay out of church and church needs to stay out of government. LIke the constiitution intended.