Seniors deserve attention before chickens

Seniors deserve attention before chickens


To the editor:

Talk around town: After much chattering among many of us, there seems to be a formidable force looking to change the dynamics of the town council.

This is a good thing.

It has become a stage upon which two members seem to be ruling. I am not sure how this has happened as the other three did, at one time, have good minds of their own.

Never-the-less, we, the citizens of Barrington, must take action to replace those who wish to rule without regard of how we the taxpayers feel.

As residents of the good old USA, we are fortunate to have a chance to be heard every few years — and, this is our year to do so!

When the members of a town council vote to allow residents to raise chickens, and does nothing about housing our seniors — something is very wrong!

I urge you to help right this wrong — vote smart! Vote for real change! Vote for Don Nessing, Ann Strong, and Margaret Kane!

PS: Vote no to bond issue #7 Affordable Housing Bonds — If the state doesn’t get our tax money, they can’t make us build houses!

Barbara Donovan