Senior prank day should continue

Senior prank day should continue


To the editor: 

It has come to my attention that the senior pranks at Barrington High School have been hated by not only the staff and faculty of BHS, but the parents of the students as well. The real question is, why do so many people despise this day for seniors?

Being a sophomore at BHS, I understand both the seniors’ perspective and the parents’ and faculty’s perspective. Although, the side I partake in is the seniors’.

Those who may not know, senior prank day is the day the seniors set up pranks and activities throughout the whole school because it’s their last day ever at BHS. Yes, in previous years the pranks have gotten pretty messy and chaotic, but the seniors have now learned from those mistakes the correct way to sponsor senior prank day without making it a “bust.”

According to Barrington Patch, a resident, Joel Hellmann, wrote an article saying how underclassmen at Barrington High School should stay home from school on senior prank day because the odds are that they will have a prank done on them and also because no education is done on this day. On senior prank day, the point is to get pranks done to you as an underclassman that will not harm you and will end up being fun in the long run.

As far as education goes, learning does go on throughout BHS, that is if you aren’t a senior. The only difference between this day and any ordinary school day is that you may hear a blow horn or shouting every now and then. So it is completely unnecessary for underclassmen to stay home from school.

Senior prank day is supposed to be a day for all seniors to be careless and have a fun time. The teachers/principals/parents don’t deserve to ruin that day for them because if we keep it at the level where it won’t harm anyone, there should be no reason to stop the pranks set up for the day because they usually are fun for everyone and teachers know how to avoid them.

Don’t you want your child to have a fun time at school for once? And have them come home from school one day saying they actually had a great day rather than coming home saying just good? We students need to make sure that senior prank day gets stronger and stronger, with harmless, but unique and funny pranks. The faculty/parents need to accept that that’s what senior prank day is all about, being crazy.

Kelly Kraunelis