Senator Whitehouse: Please hear us on tolls

To the editor:
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse:
Why aren’t you listening to your people’s plea.  We need your support.  I ask you to stop the proposed tolling of the Sakonnet River Bridge.
The social, environmental and economical impact studies that have been made are inaccurate.
Barbara E. Passmore

Little Compton


  1. Lorraine Papineau said:

    I just called the senator’s office and said , “please no more tolls”, and a bunch of other stuff. If everyone called and said no more tolls maybe he would get the hint.

    • Fred said:

      I know know where you were, but our local teabaggers were asleep at the switch again on this one. In fact, the rep. whose district the bridge is in wasn’t seen for the last 6 mos. of his term.


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