Rhode Island’s financial mismanagement continues

Rhode Island’s financial mismanagement continues


To the editor:

In reference to your editorial of August 30, the fact that our governor would not listen to the people and answer their questions, he rather passed the buck onto a department head.  That sends a message of the poor leadership qualities he has!

The same excuse of there is no money to maintain the bridges is not truly correct, as there is a tax on all gasoline and fuel, plus the tax on commercial trucks pay into Rhode Island should have enough coverage to maintain the bridges in Rhode Island.  Our DOT officials need to stop paying out great sums of money for work that is not up to standards (like the sidewalk mess on Child Street in Warren)  Those financial mishaps is one sign of poor leadership and the waste of tax dollars.  Your editorial is correct and it is high time DOT admitted to their faults and stop wasting the tax dollars of Rhode Island citizens.

David Silvia

503 Wood St.