Republican leadership has served Portsmouth well

Republican leadership has served Portsmouth well


To the editor:

Elections are near. It is appropriate to “review the bidding” regarding the performance of elected officials during their time in office. Before beginning this review, it is best to bear in mind that these are all unpaid volunteers. Most, not all, conscientiously prepare for public meetings, reading voluminous material, speaking with constituents, and meeting with town officials and experts on the range of problems, issues and concerns.

Portsmouth has been graced with a very engaged Town Council. The majority is Republican, replacing the previous majority. Like all human enterprise, their performance is imperfect. However,  their performance is marked by notable accomplishments, which, addressed near and long term problems. By not deferring action, they have contributed to stability and continuing improvement. Please recall and consider these few, but not all accomplishments.

• Increased the town reserves to more than $4 million

• Put the brakes on the DEM-preferred, unaffordable sewer solution.

• Lowered the tax levy

•nTook steps to address the threat of pension liability insolvency

Perhaps most signifant, this Town Council and School Committee worked cooperatively and successfully, to control spending. This achievement is confirmed in the Portsmouth High School being ranked #8 in the state ( as well as being ranked one of the top school systems delivering the most “bang for the buck.” This isn’t an accident. It was a diligent, cooperative effort, pursued vigorously and with the focus on benefitting Portsmouth.

It appears advisable to return this team to office. Set aside the negative comments that have come to characterize national politics. Continue  the positive trend. Vote for your Republican candidates; the doers, not the talkers.

Joseph A. Matais