Reilly has been leader on business, budget reform

Reilly has been leader on business, budget reform


To the editor:

As a long-time resident of Portsmouth I am proud to be represented in the General Assembly by Representative Dan Reilly and support his bid for re-election.

Dan knows that the business climate needs desperately to improve in Rhode Island. He is the first to propose solutions to make it easier to start and grow businesses here in the Ocean State. Dan has been an independent thinker and seldom follows the leadership for political expediency. Dan chooses instead to do what is right.

In his first term Dan co-sponsored legislation that improved the Access to Open Records Act. The Governor signed it into law this year. His commitment to open and transparent government extends to his insistence for an independent Inspector General to police government and audit contracts and agencies. Furthermore, Dan has led efforts to reform the budget process. As a member of the House Committee on Finance, he has introduced legislation for each of the past two years to implement zero-based budgeting in Rhode Island. This can lead to significant savings for taxpayers.

Finally, Dan has shown that he provides creative solutions on behave of his constituents. To help reform the Division of Motor Vehicles, Dan wants to allow you to register and re-register you automobile at the Town Hall as an option which is both a convenience to you as well as reducing the long lines at the DMV.

In his first term, Dan has demonstrated by his leadership on the floor of the General Assembly as well as in committee his abilities to tackle highly complex issues and with passion on the voters’ behalf. We are well-served in Portsmouth and Middletown to return him to the General Assembly as our State Representative and I will be enthusiastically supporting his re-election..

Dexter Liu