Reilly aims to put Rhode Islanders back to work

Reilly aims to put Rhode Islanders back to work


To the editor:

For the past two years, Portsmouth and Middletown have been well represented by Dan Reilly.  As one of the youngest members of the General Assembly, Dan has earned the respect of both his colleagues and the leadership on the hill.  As a first-term representative, he was appointed to the powerful House Finance Committee – an appointment that is coveted by representatives many years his senior.

Dan is a tireless advocate for taxpayers, especially small business owners.  He is an independent thinker who rather than simply cast his vote with the leadership, votes his conscience on every issue.  He always keeps the interests of his constituents ahead of self-interest.

I spoke with Dan recently and asked him what his priorities will be next session. He told me he would do everything in his power to get Rhode Islanders back to work by making our state more business-friendly. It sounds to me like he has his priorities in order. He has my endorsement and my vote on November 6.

John Robitaille