Rabbits, mosquitos, fireflies all flourishing

To the editor:
Well, I give up! The rabbits have defeated me. My runner beans inside their little stockade of sticks can only grow as high as the sticks before being chomped off and my dog — aka a seven pound puppy — is no good at keeping them away as he can get within two feet before they flee.
Normally, a slow steady rain would delight the heart of a gardener. But enough already, ENOUGH! Of course the rain has made it easier to weed and now there are fireflies in the back forty. I thought at first an interloper was out there with a flashlight as I have not been used to seeing them. On the other hand the mosquitoes are so thick they bump into each other.
I see that the DEM is asking for sightings of turkeys and their poults. Earlier, before the fields had grown up, I saw the first turkeys ever on my land. There were five males in a line in with their tails in full fan display. Made me think they were Turkey Rockettes. A lone female wandering nearby was completely unimpressed.
Our miserable winter seems to have affected our plant life. Those pestiferous Rosa multiflora bloomed over a week late and it was a wonder to see those white garlands reaching way up into the tops of some trees. My perennials are flourishing as never before and a surprising number of trees have died.
I am in denial that the longest day that we waited and waited for has come and gone. I shall just pretend that the evenings, with their golden sunlight, will go on forever.
Sidney Tynan
Little Compton