Letter: R.I. leadership doesn’t get it on jobs

To the editor:

Another last-place finish for Rhode Island. The New Gallup Job Creation Index ranked Rhode Island 50th among the states based on a measure of new hiring.

The index score is the difference between reported “hiring” and “letting go.” Gallup also said that Rhode Island ‘has the unwanted distinction of appearing in the bottom tier for job creation every year since 2008.”

Our state leadership team just doesn’t get it. My advice to them: Get on Bob Kerr’s Clemency Coach and leave the state.

Robert J. Chaves 

One Comment;

  1. BIGmouthNEfan said:

    This is a surprise? On the national level you have the 4 puppets, statewide one party more concerned with illegals, gay’s, pot smokers, state workers than helping the public get jobs! Pandering on both levels to return to office very election.