Portsmouth’s ‘second council’ taking control of town

Portsmouth’s ‘second council’ taking control of town


To the editor:

Our government situation in Portsmouth is rather unique in that we have two town councils.  One we voted for and the other is a shadow council called the PCC (Portsmouth concerned Citizens) — of this group four members are in or have been in the PCC.  These members have the majority vote and we the Portsmouth citizens’ have to endure their decisions.

The group started years ago with the goal of keeping taxes down, which sounds admirable however their goal now seems to be discouraging any forward thinking projects with much suspicion.  They remain dedicated to attending most of the town council meetings and speaking mainly in a negative tone on any subject.

The legimate town council listens to their sometimes lengthy and repitious dialogue with no time restraints and is swayed by their opinions.  The reason for this happening is due to some council members being in sync with their thinking and also the power this group has because of its large number of members.  The number is unclear as the group does not care to reveal that information.

The PCC has dedicated members who pay attention to every detail of town workings and has a dispiriting, negative and disparaging view of almost all matters that come before the council.  The result I believe has led to many school and town employees resigning and finding jobs in other towns, very long delays in council decisions and poor morale in town departments and in the citizenry.

The main reason I am writing this letter is that if you dislike the way the town is being run YOU MUST VOTE. You can be assured The PCC bloc will be voting. The process takes less that 20 minutes.  This is a small town and your vote is important if you want to escape the pit our town has fallen into the last two years.

Janice L Gempp